Gerry and Tammie Dankowski
GTRD Cutting Horses
Gerry and Tammie Dankowski

Located outside of Quinlan, Texas Gerry and Tammie have over 50 years of
experience, training top of the line horses. Their love and knowledge for horses
has created a breeding program with the bloodlines from some the greatest
cutting horses crossed with foundation and resulting in good bone structure, big
heart, gorgeous color and solid minds. Every horse produced at GTRD wants to
work cattle and is easily handled. Gerry and Tammie personally starts every
foal because that is how a great horse is made; just walk out into their pasture
and you will soon be greeted by six beautiful 2011 foals looking to be scratched
and loved on. At two years old the horses are started on cattle and at three years
old they have show schedules set. This is an honest operation that is made up of
the best bloodlines and produces horses that love their job and will make your
next prospect that will take you all the way. Please feel free to look around the
website and contact Gerry of Tammie Dankowski with any questions! We would
love to meet with you and have you out to our ranch!
Gerry and Tammie Dankowski
2057 CR 2546
Quinlan, Texas 75474
Gerry: 214-399-8100
Tammie: 903-217-8213